We supply accessories for all audio visual applications. Whether it is a projector bulb, a miss placed remote control, interactive pens, a gyro suite or portable document camera we can help you.

Bulbs – Replacement projector bulbs are something which you will need to consider during your projectors lifespan. No matter what age your projector if we know the make and model we will do our very best to ensure we get the one for you.

Trolleys, Multimedia Cabinets and Lecterns – If you decide you don’t want your screen installed on a wall or suspended from the ceiling; we can supply a varied range of trolleys to meet your requirements. A multimedia cabinet is a great option if you would like to make your system portable. Lecterns come in all shapes, sizes and finishes to discuss your options please give us a call.

Cabling – Newlandmedia can supply all types and grades of cabling and connectors from CAT5 to high resolution data cabling through to composite video to HDMI all at your required lengths.

Visualisers -A Visualiser is designed to enhance communication between the presenter and the audience, plug your visualiser direct into your projector and show objects, books, microscope images, even people within the room live on your projector screen or interactive whiteboard, store images direct to a built in memory within the visualiser, or choose a wireless version to allow a truly flexible solution, record and review instructional steps by using continuous capture or bring the live images into your interactive software and integrate into your presentation.

Brackets - The mounting solutions we provide are of the highest standard, made specifically for each individual installation. Wall & ceiling mounts, stands & trolleys, wall arms, columns, floor to ceiling systems, the list could go on and on. We will do our very best to provide the mounting solution that suits your particular requirements.

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