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Interactive Whiteboards Newcastle

Welcome to Newlandmedia for ‘Interactive Whiteboards Newcastle‘ we provide interactive technology from the world’s leading manufactures of interactive technologies to bring you the most exceptional solutions by way of Whiteboards, Panels, tablets and Screen Overlays.

A simplistic and effective solution for the board room, classroom or auditorium. Connect an interactive whiteboard to a PC and projector and control all PC operations from the whiteboard. Interact and take control of the connected computer with a finger, stylus pen or electronic pen depending on your preference.

Get engaged with multi-touch features and interactive group work and save any notes and presentations to a single file for easy access. Take control of group sessions with Samsungs interactive LCD display, the possibilities are endless with today’s interactive technologies

We are an approved installer of Clevertouch, Promethean and SMART products and an accredited partner for Hitachi and Samsung Interactive solutions:

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