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IPTV Newcastle: TV streaming and recording

Streaming TV

Working with Onelan, Newlandmedia are able to offer TV Streaming and Recording Products provided from a single box solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks.

Deliver free-to-air digital terrestrial television across your network, enabling both staff and customers to benefit from instant-access TV, for a wide range of sport and entertainment driven scenarios.

A single TVG can light up an entire campus network with any number of DVB-T TV and radio channels. This enables live off-air programs to be received through onelans digital media players, PC desktops, PC embedded players.

TV Gateway key benefits include:

  • Keep waiting visitors engaged while improving reception and communal areas
  • Allow workers to watch key entertainment or sporting events in a managed environment
  • No increase in internet load as streams originate from within the Local Area Network

Recording TV

ONELAN’s Omni-Servers is a single box solution for networked delivery and storage of free-to-air video content via Ethernet networks.

Omni-Servers key features include:

  • Flexible combination of (DVB-S), terrestrial (DVB-T) tuner cards or Analogue Encoder cards
  • Available live TV streams announced using Service Advertising Protocols (SAP) packets
  • Web browser interface – so accessible from anywhere on the network
  • Compatible with ONELAN NTB media Players
  • 2 slot and 6 slot chassis available
  • Transcoding of high quality TV Video to lower bandwidth WMV streams

Visit the ONELAN website here

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