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Pro Audio Newcastle

Multi room audio systems with various specifications including: zoned area selection, 100 V line, full range Hi-Fi, wall mounted and flush mounting ceiling speakers to blend in with the room design and d├ęcor.

Welcome to Newland Media for pro audio Newcastle. Our expert team of pro audio installation technicians can help with the design and installation for any pro audio solution.

  • Fixed and portable public address systems
  • Sound reinforcement on all levels
  • Covert audio monitoring tailored to individual requirements
  • Departure lounges
  • Induction loop systems from a large room to a counter reception solution
  • Tour guide solutions for public galleries, factory floors and museums
  • Digital surround systems installed for screening rooms and on a supply only basis
  • Wireless audio systems for in and out door applications
  • Radio Microphone packages on all levels for meeting rooms, TV studios and auditoriums
  • Large venue audio systems for Corporate, Public and Education venues
  • Audio mixers ranging in specification depending on requirement

Newland Media Ltd
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