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The new generation of video walls are HD or UHD. UHD is 4 x the resolution of the traditional HD screens. UHD is ideal for retail and advertisement applications. The higher pixel count enables viewers to watch the content from a closer distance without the grid like structure of the image being noticeable.  Clever software features now provide the facility for daisy chain set up without additional devices. Daisy chain configuration is generally set up using DisplayPort or HDMI connectivity. Advanced factory setting and calibration help to achieve greater picture quality and uniformity.  Ultra-thin bezels at high brightness provide maximum visual impact.

All major manufacturers provide 24/7 rated products and most classify their video wall monitors into 3 core areas;

Entry Level – generally has 500 nit brightness and a bezel width of 5/6mm

Mainstream – again has a 500NIT brightness, with a bezel of around 3.5mm

Premium Range – products tend to be high brightness of 700NIT with super slim bezels usually around 2mm.

Content can be provided by various means incl Digital Signage players with content scheduling features or the clients own PC.

Newland Media Video Wall Displays

With a full range of wall brackets and rail systems makes the choice of a video wall ideal for retail, entertainment, control room, lobbys/entrances and showroom scenarios.

Individual video screens vary in size from 46-55”

Typical video wall set ups tend to be 2×2 3×3 5×5 but any sequence is possible depending on requirement and budget.