Alliance small 295Alliance 7

The alliance is available for 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 persons

* Screen column can accommodate 55″ or 65″ screens*

* Video Conferencing camera* shelf included

* Free standing (Table connected to column)

* Cable management included

* Main UK power provided by 2x Pixel tuff ports in the table top

* Input plate for HDMI-VGA-Audio-USB data

* Double gang blank plates in the legs for future expansion

* Various finishes available, Melamine’s and Veneers

* Various Chair options or use your own chairs   (See our web site for seating options)

* Size approx 2300mm L x 1400mm W x 720mm Table H

* Optional LED lighting (Various Colours) around the screen

* Other configurations available

* 10 Year guarantee against normal fair wear and tear.

* Electrical items and connections not inc

Alliance 3 Specification Sheet

Alliance 5 Specification Sheet

Alliance 7 Specification Sheet

Alliance 9 Specification Sheet

Alliance 11 Specification Sheet