Clevertouch Product Information

Clevertouch product information

From 65″ – 84″ anti glare, toughened glass, full HD and high brightness it’s no wonder the Clevertouch screens are the future of interactivity. Newlandmedia are the North East’s leading touch screen expert providing touch screen solutions into the education, corporate and health care sectors throughout the North East of England.

Clevertouch Plus Software

The latest and most exciting development with touch screen technology has to be the Clevertouch Plus. With an integrated android operating system this now provides the end user the facility to turn their clevertouch into a giant tablet. Gone is the need to be connected to a PC to present, view power points and documents or surf the web and watch videos, with the Clevertouch plus the technology is integrated. The interface is simple, intuitive and familiar providing a user experience that is expected from a good quality tablet device. Plus Series

Features of the Clevertouch plus include:

Integrated Android with 8GB HDD, Narrow bezel with a modern contemporary design, USB ports, energy saving mode, touch control menu for easy input selection, toughened anti-glare glass, integrated audio speakers, freeze frame, Full HD 1080p resolution and stunning 4K resolution with the 84’ Clevertouch plus,

Stunning 4K Hi Def from the Clevertouch Plus

The stunning 4k resolution images from the Clevertouch plus is provided from its own internal Blade PC which comes as standard with the 84’ version.

The Clevertouch s-series interactive large format touch screens are the UK’s market leader*

Features of the Clevertouch V-Series include:

Interactive multi-touch technology. Anti-glare glass, true HD 1080p resolution provides crisp high brightness images, integrated speakers provide audio clear and loud enough for the majority of classrooms and meeting rooms, freeze frame and USB playback come as standard. The v-series integrated android provides the all in one solution for clients. The 84” version has the added bonus of integrated wireless connectivity. V Series

What makes a touch screen the right choice? All of the above and the software bundles listed below which is comprehensive, useful, engaging and easy to use.

Clevertouch Education Screens

All of our Clevertouch Education screens come bundled with Cleverlynx annotation software where you can import any type of document, browse the web and desk top, annotate, highlight and capture. Snowflake MultiTeach consists of apps that help children develop good hand eye coordination skills. Learn about every day subjects such as maths, English, geography etc. New features allow the user to create their own activities. Every Plus series and s-series includes Snowflake. DisplayNote enables the presenter/teacher to control their Clevertouch from a tablet or smart phone. DisplayNote provides the platform to share content across multiple devices via the cloud or over a wireless network, it’s a truly collaborative way of sharing information cross platform. Screen mirroring is a fantastic way to start a session: what you see on your screen is mirrored to every participant’s device. (10 perpetual DisplayNote connections). Expand the amount of devices you want to connect with DisplayNote with our range of outright purchase and Cloud subscription service.[Download not found]

Clevertouch Software Bundles

With our software bundles for corporate clients the introduction of snowflake business is proving to be a real success. The selection of multi touch business tools allows easy sharing of information and the facility to collaborate in meetings. DisplayNote as with our Education bundles provides the platform for corporate users to share content across multiple devices via the cloud or over a wireless network (10 perpetual DisplayNote connections); like above you can expand the amount of devices you want to connect with DisplayNote with our range of outright purchase and Cloud subscription service.

The full range of Clevertouch LED large format screens

Using the latest integrated touchscreen technology enabling dual, 4, 6 and 10 point touch functionality. The Clevertouch range does not require drivers, calibration or set up when using windows 7 and above providing a plug and play experience. The crystal clear HD resolution and high brightness display means that images are clearly visible and unlike projection based interactive solutions, there is no shadowing. [Download not found]

Clevertouch 6 Point & 10 Point Touch Screens

The Clevertouch 6-point and 10-piont Touch is ideal for group work, supports landscape and portrait applications, and makes full use of multi touch software and signage packages.

What is the Clevertouch Fusion?

The Clevertouch Fusion incorporating an inbuilt PC, a multi touch screen withy 32-pionts of touch, and an electronic mobile stand, the Clevertouch Fusion is three products in one – an interactive easel, table, or whiteboard. Transforming the Clevertouch Fusion from one mode to another couldn’t be easier – everything is controlled at the touch of a button in seconds. Clevertouch Fusion (167)

Newlandmedia is an accredited partner and installer of all Clevertouch products. We are Newcastle’s leading touch screen experts. With a full range of static wall/floor mounts, electric height adjustable wall/floor mounting systems and mobile trollies with height adjustment and lift, we are sure to find the right solution for any application. Call our team today to see how we can help you get interactive.

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Newlandmedia are an accredited installer of all Clevertouch products.

*futureSource Consulting – UK Education Market 2013