evoko room manager

Evoko Room Manager

Meeting room management that makes sense

How often have you heard of unrest in the workplace because of the disruption caused by meeting room mismanagement. It may seem trivial, yet getting your meeting room management right can actually contribute significantly towards increased workplace productivity and even an improvement in company culture.

The smooth running of meetings with clients, customers and commercial partners also has an important role to play in maintaining your reputation for professionalism and competence. In these situations, ensuring that you are in the right place at the right time and are able to communicate effectively with external personnel is crucial.

At Newland Media we regularly design, supply and install Evoko Room Manager to support companies across many different industries. Our expertise in audio-visual equipment and smart media solutions can mean the difference between making good first impressions and failing to secure new business.

To get to grips with the solutions available on the market today, contact us on 01670 714416 for a jargon-free chat.

Evoko; smooth meetings mean effective collaboration

Whether you are an SME or a global corporate, the knowledge gained and decisions made by your staff in meeting rooms is critical to long-term success. With 40 years of experience in our field we understand how solutions such as the Evoko Room Manager can contribute to effective collaboration and keep employees on the same page.

Not convinced?

The Evoko Liso is much more than a tool to help you avoid double bookings; it is also a powerful piece of equipment for optimising business performance and bringing greater transparency to an office. Understanding the volume, type, duration and attendance of meetings within an enterprise can offer managers a genuine insight into business practice. By analysing the data collected by the Evoko Liso, it is possible to enhance staff efficiency, redistribute resources where appropriate and even cut unnecessary overheads.

If that’s not enough to convince you, the beautiful aesthetics of the Evoko Liso is enough to entice you alone. A welcome addition to any office wall, this sleek piece of hardware sports a green or red aura light to denote room availability instantly.

If you are considering installing the Evoko Liso into your offices, the team at Newland Media will not only handle the supply and fit of your hardware, we can also offer training on the broader business benefits of a digital meeting room manager.

What is the Evoko Liso?

The Evoko Liso represents the very best of touchscreen technology. As you would hope, the interface on this meeting room manager is clear, inviting and easy to navigate.

Typically positioned on the wall outside a meeting room, you can use the Liso to manage your upcoming meetings, extend meetings or even search the availability of other meeting rooms by size or facilities. But you don’t have to get up from your desk to schedule meetings when you are busy working away. The Evoko Liso is compatible with both Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps making it possible to update the calendar tool remotely.

Why choose Newland Media for the supply and installation of your Evoko Room Manager?

Because we work closely with just a handful of carefully selected manufacturers, our clients always know that the equipment and audio-visual solutions we recommend are of the highest quality. Over four decades we’ve learnt a thing or two about the supply and installation of systems. And we have the skills to design bespoke systems that are tailored to a business’s precise requirements.

As a highly reputable brand, Evoko has made the booking and management of meeting rooms an art. With an Evoko Liso on the wall outside your meeting room you can be confident that both your internal and external appointments will run smoothly.

We believe in providing you with a great user experience from start to finish. Often the best technologies are those that are seemingly simple to use but can be very powerful when used correctly.

We also offer unrivalled support beyond installation – something that our clients find gives them greater peace of mind when it comes to investing in a new solution. This can include ongoing after sales support, training and extended warranties.

Over the years our work has taken us across a range of industries and sectors to find audio-visual solutions for organisations of all types. From commercial enterprises to education to the public sector, we are committed to the very highest quality service.

We have a strong reputation on a national basis as a supplier and integrator of smart media solutions.

Choose Newland Media for fast and reliable end-to-end support on all your audio-visual equipment. Call us today on 01670 714416.

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