How to choose an Interactive Touchscreen for your classrooms

interactive touchscreen tv for schools and classrooms

Start off by finding a reputable audio visual company that know what they are talking about. Not an electrician or builder or handyman that will attach a projector to the ceiling but an established reputable Audio Visual Installation company. Go on line, read reviews find reference points and really research a company before you make your decision. A good AV company will give you a non- biased opinion through their experience of which screen would suit your requirements best. You will require a site survey as the Touchscreen Displays are heavy and support in your walls is vital. (This should not be chargeable)

How to know which screen;

There are so many touchscreens to choose from it does get confusing, Clevertouch, Smart, iBoardTouch, CTouch, Promethean? As this will be a considerable investment it is wise to actually trial a screen in your own surroundings to see if it will fit your needs. (This should not be chargeable)

  • Is the screen itself sturdy, hardwearing?
  • Does it have built in software?
  • Can you use your existing software and lesson plans with this screen?
  • Do you get training?
  • Do they offer ongoing training and servicing or maintenance agreements?
  • What warranty comes with this particular model?
  • Are there leasing options?Interactive Touchscreens being used in education is increasing all the time because the benefits over a projector and whiteboard are becoming more and more apparent. The brightness of the display doesn’t dim, the viewing is excellent at any angle, there is no calibration required, there are no running costs (no replacement lamps/IWB pens needed) and the power consumption is less than halved.

    Another choice you will have to make is do you want a built in PC or android, do you want to use it with a resident PC or guest laptops or do you want facility to use all of these options. Do you want the screen installed statically to one position or on an electric height adjustable bracket or do you want a mobile option so the screen can be shared or moved from area to area?

    Height Adjustable Interactive TVs for Schools & the Classroom

    Height adjustable options are great. This can be used as an upright solution or table top if required. Allowing a standing teacher to use with ease or a small child or a wheelchair user. There are also wheelchair accessible trolleys allowing enough room to get up close to the display.

    All of these options can be catered for depending on budget.