iiyama prolite 4k series

IIYAMA Prolite 4k Touchscreen Series

This Iiyama Prolite 4K UHD LCD Touchscreen range is perfect for education and industry. With it’s ease of use, whiteboard functionality and superb image quality, this board can be used as a teaching tool and works just as well for presentation meeting and training environments. All lessons, presentations and note taking can be stored in either the internal memory or taken away on a USB device.

4k Iiyama Prolite Touchscreen

The high specification on this touchscreen offers a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160)that guarantees a stunning high brightness image without compromise.

Transform any team meeting, lesson or training session by sharing, streamimg and editing from any device making it interactive, productive and engaging with this new technology.

65″ Specification Sheet

75″ Specification Sheet

86″ Specification Sheet

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IIYAMA have been manufacturing touchscreens for quite some time however having to compete with the top two manufacturers Clevertouch and C Touch they had to come up with something special…and they have. The new Prolite TE Range is a perfect solution for education and corporate use.

IIyama TE range

The IIyama TE range comes in 65”, 75” and 86” Interactive 4K UHD touchscreen with integrated annotation software allows users to make notes, open files, annotate over diagrams or images and save to a USB device or within the screens HDD. The screen also supports playback of high resolution video or any other content from a USB device or the internal HDD.

IIyama Ultra High Definition LCD Screens

This ultra-high definition (3840×2160 resolution) LCD screen has an infrared 20 point touch surface with a contrast ratio of 1200:1 which allows for very precise annotations along with stunning image quality, the anti-glare coating reduces any glare from ambient lighting or sunlight and allows the screen to be viewed from any angle.

NEW IIyama touchscreen

This NEW IIyama touchscreen has a professional 24/7 operating time to accommodate 24 hour facilities such as airports, factories, NHS and emergency services and with 4mm thick strengthened glass to ensure durability in vulnerable areas within schools, manufacturing plants, leisure facilities etc.

We very recently reviewed this screen while on loan at our premises. The overall look of this screen is sleek and modern with an ultra-thin bezel however not as sleek as the TF range which is edge to edge bezel but obviously with the edge to edge and 50 point touch comes a hefty price tag. The note annotation software was very much like all the others nothing new there, however when we tried a third party architectural software on this screen the clarity of image was fantastic and the annotating itself was impressively accurate and sensitive as opposed to the Clevertouch screen which is great until the annotating gets smaller and it really struggles, not sure why as they run the same infrared around the screen edge. I was surprised how much I liked this display as I have been shown touchscreen after touchscreen and they have all really been the same apart from a few differences in software but the simplicity and accuracy pleased me.

Touchscreens from all manufacturers are competing massively for top spot and they are adding more and more software to their screens which is making the increasingly more complicated which is contradicting the whole point of the touchscreen. IIyama have stripped it all back and it’s accuracy and ease of use plug and play technology is satisfying.