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Working within the AV Industry now for 4 years I have learned just how quick technology is evolving. Cables are becoming a thing of the past and they are being replaced by wireless technology. There’s always that doubt in people’s minds when wireless is mentioned, is It going to work? Can we trust it? The way the world is going wireless is going to be used in everything so I think we need to give it a chance and see how it performs for both commercial and private day to day running’s. The more we work with wireless the more we learn from it so it can only be a positive step. So you’re asking yourself why is he blabbing on about wireless technology? Well… we work with a company called DisplayNote who specialise in wireless technologies. They first brought out an app in which teachers could welcome student input wirelessly from their tablet or laptop sat at their desk, this would be shown on the teacher’s touchscreen/projection screen wirelessly and both the student and teacher could annotate over documents. Most students have a laptop/tablet so it made sense for them to make real use of the devices and were better than school were they can enhance their education. When display note announced their new product MONTAGE this got me wondering, is this going to push the boundaries for wireless even more? Well it does, let me explain.

I have been having a good play with the MONTAGE unit and I have to say I’m impressed. The unit itself is not much bigger than an apple tv, running off a Linux based operating system. With HDMI, USB, display port, Network and Audio the box has a range of inputs. The box is also configured to work with touch screens which is a massive benefit. Whether you have a projector with projection screen, TV monitor or a touch screen MONTAGE can work with all 3.

When the montage unit is powered on you will be presented with a sleek and simple designed homepage, the main info that is needed is the meeting id number. MONTAGE can be used with several types of devices. Using windows based products, you can download the application to your desktop or you can download the MONTAGE extension to your google chrome browser, when either the desktop app or google extension is selected you will be asked to enter your name and meeting id which is displayed on the Presentation screen, once entered you will then become part of the meeting. MONTAGE also works with apple devices through airplay and android devices through miracast. 12 devices can be connected to the meeting at any 1 time and anyone with a network connection in the world can also be a part of the meeting. When connected through the desktop app or google chrome you have the ability to become the active presenter. This then shares your screen with everyone, annotations can be made at the presenter’s screen and saved thus saving time after meetings knowing everything was discussed and noted down. A Webcam can also be connected to the MONTAGE unit so someone who isn’t present can see fully what is happening.