Connect, click and share. It’s that simple. No matter
how sophisticated the AV equipment in the room
seems, ClickShare handles all of the technology
overhead for you. For both MAC and PC users. This
allows people to present with confidence – without
worrying about technical issues.
ClickShare integrally transfers your laptop screen,
which means that you can show whatever you want
on the meeting room display. High resolution
images, video clips, any document type and anything
else you can think of will be displayed without
a problem.


More clicks for more efficiency
While one person is connected to the large meeting
room screen, another attendee can add some information
by simply plugging an extra ClickShare Button
into his or her laptop’s USB port, starting the application,
and clicking. The meeting room screen will now
show both laptop displays side-by-side. In the same
way, a third and a fourth attendee can join in as well.

 Adding an iPad
ClickShare also enables to share information from
your iPad. Static content, including pdf documents
and pictures, can be shared with the ClickShare App.
Showing dynamic content such as video or moving
images is possible using the optional ClickShare Link.

ClickShare Link
ClickShare Link expands the input capabilities of the
ClickShare Base Unit, enabling to show any content
(including video) from an iPad on a ClickShare system.
Connection is either done with a cable, or wireless
via Apple TV.

ClickShare App
Buttons don’t need to be physical. The ClickShare App
provides a virtual button allowing you to become
part of the collaboration experience with your mobile
device. With the app you are able to show static content
from your iPad, such as pdf documents or jpeg
images, as well as do annotations and selections
using a pen and laser pointer. To start sharing, simply
download the app from the Apple Store.


Click here for further information.


Click here to view video demonstration