EPSON – Space to Learn

Newlandmedia have recently installed an AV Plus system to run an immersive ‘Space to Learn’ facility at St. Anthony’s Girls’ Academy Sunderland. Fourteen Epson large Venue projectors, 35m of visual coverage, cinematic experience audio, ShowMagic Software and one Academy’s vision are to thank for this amazing space. Newlandmedia have worked closely with St Anthony’s to create a space where lessons are bought to life, where students are fully involved and engaged and most importantly ‘learning’ at all times.

“Our new facility is a fabulous teaching resource. The idea of creating a more enhanced learning environment where the pupils are immersed in images, video and sound has already had a very exciting impact. The audio visual solution is outstanding, staff and students alike have commented on just how effective it is to see, hear and feel some of the resources being played during a lesson. The two teaching projectors are also and additional excellent asset, where staff laptops can be used to show teaching resources on a large wall surface or floor.” Bob Ratcliffe, Assistant Head Teacher (e-learning), St Anthony’s Girls’ Academy.

Within this large rectangular space there are 14 EPSON projectors, 12 (large venue projectors, brightness 5200ANSI lumens) creating an immersive environment, using edge blending technology. 1 EPSON (large venue projector brightness 7000ANSI lumens) projecting onto the floor to enhance this experience and 1 EPSON conventional teaching projector to create flexibility within the room. The powerful full range HI FI audio system and the mood lighting really heighten the senses and brings the room to life. The software interface using ‘showmagic’ means this room can be used as one, using all projection and what feels like wrap around screens. Alternatively the room and projectors can be divided up into smaller more intimate learning experiences.