LG Super Narrow Bezel


A 47inch monitor designed for use as video walls. By combining several 47WV30 monitors you are able to create a huge and almost seamless image thanks to the 6.9mm bezel on the 47WV30 – the smallest on any 40-49 inch display available.

In a field where picture quality is of the essence, the 47WV30 leads the way, opting for LED BLU over the industry standard LCD, providing superior quality in terms of both energy savings and picture quality. Additionally a special “shine-out-film” has been added to the screen to ensure clear and bright images outdoors, even in brightness up to 4,000 lux, making it ideal for use in shopping centers and building lobbies as well as outdoor spaces. Combine this with a depth of just 92mm and you have the ideal screen to support your business and wow your customers at the same time.