Patient tracker information display system via existing network:

Our system enables tracking information to be displayed reliably and cost effectively on any size screen with only power & network infrastructure connections. With the integration of our IP net-top boxes an NHS trust can now reduce any time spent on manual maintenance by remotely accessing any of the net top boxes for a re-boot should any problems/power cuts etc. occur. This will prove to be of huge benefit when running a multi-site facility.

The data stream is captured by software from a hardware PC or a virtual PC. The live stream is sent over the network to a net-top box at each desired location which outputs HDMI to any suitable display screen (these can be existing screens or new depending on your requirements). The interface is easy for a novice to operate, yet powerful enough for the most experienced user to synchronise visual aids if required. The net-top boxes can be programmed to display one stream and can display a holding picture or an error message should the primary stream fail. This ensures critical information will not be displayed when it is out of date.

We also offer an IP based server allowing multiple streams of critical and important data via our easy to navigate electronic program guide. This is set up in a familiar way similar to a TV guide you can find at home on any TV set.

This solution also provides the facility to record information & videos and play them back on demand along with many other features including live broadcast and digital signage. The interface allows users to add rich content to recordings with drag and drop ease. Each net-top box can be programed to be controlled locally if required.

If your organisation could benefit from our IP based information systems and you have a requirement to reach screens, PC’s and mobile devices alike via a live stream or recorded information over your network please contact us for a free consultation.