Plasma and LED

The new generation of plasma and LED displays provide truly exceptional results. The worlds leading manufactures provide a vast range of products to suit all applications. From the latest in consumer LED internet TV’s through to stunning true HD professional plasma displays Newlandmedia have the solution.

Full HD networkable public displays have transformed the way visual information is distributed throughout many public, retail and corporate spaces. Sophisticated overheating protection, option slots for various styles of connectivity and ultra thin bezel design for video wall applications has produced a huge growth in flat panel’s sales over the last 5 years.

Outdoor and sun readable commercial flat panel display’s are being used in many various styles of installations from point of sale through to live information and TV broadcasts, our experienced team can inform you of the projects we have been involved with and how this type of technology could benefit you and your organisation.

Interactive and touch screens LCD displays will enhance almost any learning environment with features such as the transfer of visuals and audio to other large format monitors it is the perfect tool to help with student concentration.

Ultra Thin LED TV’s with USB plug in, net cast entertainment access and WIFI have transformed the way in which business’s and consumers view content. Stunning images are produced with incredibly high contrast ratios and HD resolution, superb pictures with rich blacks and naturally tones provide fantastic results.

3D and 4K resolution have to be the most significant advances within the flat panel professional and consumer market. Passive 3D is similar to what you would experience in the cinema whilst watching a 3D movie by using polarised glasses to separate the images displayed. Passive 3D glasses are cost effective and easy to replace if broken or lost. Active 3D uses special LCD shutter glasses which are activated by the TV’s built-in emitter shutters. The 3D technology is housed within the glasses which require charging with USB or are battery driven. 4K resolution will blow your mind. The highest native resolution on the market bringing content to life as never before.

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