IMG_1056Sunderland Royal Hospital – Emergencies Department (ED) saving lives.



Newlandmedia – Bespoke Patient Tracking and Digital Signage Solutions.


Hospitals are constantly challenged with an ever growing population and increasing attendances, Hundreds of thousands of patients pass through the doors of Sunderland Royal Hospital’s every year. Sunderland Royal Hospitals are continuously working at improving standards. The new emergency department will help staff handle the ever growing number of patients coming through the system daily.

The Brief –

Provide state-of-the-art technology to show how each patient is going through the process of treatment along with a digital signage system displaying relevant content in key areas of the new ED department.

The Challenge –

Provide a solution that delivers dynamic information reliably to Nurses stations and public areas with ease, within budget and capable of running 24/7.

The Solution –

Newlandmedia designed, supplied, installed and maintains a complete turnkey solution that supports frontline operations comprising of a mix of hardware and software from various leading manufactures. To achieve this Newlandmedia broke down the brief into two core areas.


  1. Newlandmedia’s Patient Flow – has replaced the traditional dry wipe whiteboard and erase markers method with a high tech expandable solution that displays patient information direct to the nurses’ stations. Newlandmedia partnered with Encodedmedia at the start of the process to tailor and deliver an effective live patient flow system. Streaming live data feeds via encodmedmedia’s IPTV manager allows the IT dept. to set up and accomplish live streams to each nursing station. Ceiling mounted high resolution dell monitors display live patient information which is easily viewed behind each nursing station. The monitors and ceiling mount kits are well designed and uncluttered whilst providing bright pin sharp text within the hospital’s high ambient light levels.


  1. Newlandmedia’ s Digital Signage – has replaced printed posters with 24/7 operational, high brightness HD flat screen commercial monitors displaying a mix of relevant content including, date & time, Live TV, RSS news feeds and important NHS information in the form of images, videos & text. Using a onelan central publisher as the hub of the system allows content to be uploaded and distributed to each screen. Behind each screen sits a state of the art onelan media player designed for 24/7 use. The sophisticated network capabilities of the onelan hardware and software allow channel management and scheduling via a web browser interface for ease of access. Newlandmedia’s creative team worked with Sunderland Royal Hospitals to create a customised screen layout design with the Hospitals logo, style and colours. Content is uploaded via drag and drop in a quick and easy fashion. The end result is stunning eye catching visuals which provide content that is not only important but is vital to staff and visitors alike.



Paul Blakey, Company Director at Newlandmedia.

For the hundreds of thousands of patients each year who walk through the doors of Sunderland Royal Hospital’s Emergencies Department (ED) Newlandmedia’ s Digital Signage Solutions will provide relevant dynamic content for all to see. Our Patient flow system will ensure live data relating to the patient going through the process of treatment is reliably delivered to each and every nursing station. As a local company based here in the North East Newlandmedia are able to provide same day support as and when required to Sunderland Royal’s front line ED department.