Clevertouch Developments

Clevertouch Developments

Clevertouch are constantly updating. Updating software to ensure the screen no matter where situated can be used to its fullest. End user feedback is key for these developments and the reason Clevertouch can stay ahead of the game by likes and dislikes and from actual users.

The two most recent developments are MDM (Mobile device Management) and Clevershare.

MDM is a system whereby remote analysis and diagnostics can take place without attending each screen. MDM saves a huge amount of time and resources.

This software is available on all Clevertouch plus screens and Pro panels with over the air functionality.

The Clevershare software & App is a mirroring software that can mirror your device direct to the Clevertouch screen. This software is bi-directional touch which means the screen can be controlled from your handheld device/laptop. Clevershare boasts that it is the only software that can be used on a wide range of operation systems incl Mac, Windows, iPad/iPhone, Chrome.

This streaming and mirroring capability makes it easy for visitors using their own device to collaborate on resident screens.

Clevershare is free with each Pro and Plus screen.

To use both of these functions within your Plus and Pro monitors you will have to make sure your screens updated.

Step 1: Open the setting menu

Step 2: Choose ‘About’

Step 3: Click on ‘Check update’

Step 4: The system will then update

This will be a onetime update to the Lux system within your plus and pro screens.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us 01670 714416 or